Barry Tripp – Founder & CIO (Chief Ideas Officer)

Taking Care Of Canadian Business (TCCB) is an Innovation Solutions company based in the Great Toronto Area (GTA). TCCB helps Canadian businesses evolve efficiently, in a world of rapid change and challenge. This involves moving from an analog to a digital IT infrastructure.

TCCB focusses on global leadership in powering next-generation technology decisions. The need for Trusted Advisors grew from the complexity and confusion in the IT marketplace. Trusted Advisors act as an extension of IT organizations. They provide expertise to help execute smart decisions at the speed of transformational change. Trusted Advisors leverage a “powered by data” approach which is based on research, unique insights and empirical evidence. The toolkit that acts as the Swiss Army Knife for Next Generation Technology. You are welcome to schedule a test drive here on this site.

In addition to Chief Ideas Officer (CIO), Barry is a Cloud Visioneer and a Trusted Advisor here in Canada. Barry addresses specific needs with simple solutions to complex problems along the journey of Digital Transformation.

Barry graduated from the University of Waterloo earning a Bachelors degree in Mathematics/Computer Science and Business Administration. Barry started his career in a technical role as a Systems Engineer. He quickly embraced Information Technology Solution Sales. Barry has worked at IBM, Honeywell Information Systems, Groupe Bull, Bell Canada, Stratus, Genesys, Sun Microsystems, Teradata, Edgeworx Solutions and Tata Communications. Barry helps Canadian Companies, both large and small, across most industry sectors, domestically and globally. His most valuable skill is active listening. He leverages his ability to understand and relate to customer challenges and becomes the client’s Trusted Advisor.

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In addition, one of Barry’s past times is exploring the intersection of information technology and music. They say that people who love Mathematics will likely do well in Music. Barry confirmed this with friend David Wright, a retired Mathematics Professor at Washington University in St. Louis and also a Music Arrangement genius. To this end, don’t be surprised to find sprinkles of Canadian musical references and analogies on this TCCB site. It all starts at the TCCB Story page.