Cloud Wars

Cloud Wars Live with Bob Evans

Early in his career, Bob enjoyed many years of award-winning editorial leadership. Bob was recruited by Larry Ellison to transform how Oracle Corp. communicated its vision and business value to the world. After four years as Oracle’s Chief Communications Officer, Bob left to start his own company and launched the Cloud Wars franchise, which analyzes the major cloud vendors from the perspective of business customers. In Cloud Wars Live, Bob talks with both sides about these profoundly transformative technologies. 

Bob Evans is the Creator of Cloud Wars Top 10, a ranking and ongoing analysis world’s most-influential tech companies driving digital business and the digital economy. World-class strategic communicator focused on emerging business strategy, disruptive innovation, and forward-looking leadership.

Bob has given keynote talks on every continent (except Antarctica, which is okay), and published thousands of bylined articles on digital transformation, business strategy, innovation, competitive positioning, customer intimacy, leadership, and more. 

The following are select Cloud Wars Podcast episodes specifically chosen by TCCB for the Canadian Market.

Honeywell Forge / Transforming into a software company / Mobile first software company / Reinventing everything:

Last mile networking / IT risk-awareness / biggest job growth in history / Healthcare changes are massive

A lot of exciting things happening / Big Data startup Ocient / IDC forecast / Putting databases into outer space