Canadian Backgrounder

Service Provider Colocation provides purpose-built data centers which house company information assets while addressing the primary needs of real estate, physical and technical security, reliability, redundancy, single point of failure avoidance, power, cooling, connectivity, application uptime and disaster recovery. Colocation provides a more favourable economic profile for companies who are currently operation their own and operate their data centers or are comparing own versus subscribe options. The companies listed represent a catalog subset that either have a Canadian presence or support Canadian companies via connectivity points.

Note: Company logos are live links to the partner website

Equinix is the world’s digital infrastructure company. The name Equinix is derived from the words Equality, Neutrality, Internet and Exchange. Equinix connects people, places and technology. The business model is based on a Digital Ecosystem consisting of three (3) main pillars: Digital Infrastructure, Digital Exchange and Digital Experience. Equinix features 210 internationial Business Exchange (IBX) data centers across 5 continents. Partnering with leading Cloud Service Providers, Google Cloud, MS Azure, AWS and Oracle Cloud, Equinix provides unmatched, “six nines” or 99.9999% of global uptime. Equinix provides coast to coast coverage in Canada with 8 Metro IBX locations: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg, Saint John and Kamloops. Equinix features impressive customer reach with access to more than 30 network providers, interconnection services, carrier neutrality, guaranteed backup and uptime and ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 50001 and ISO 14001

Cyxtera is a global platform with 62 highly connected data centres supporting over 2,300 customers; 600 networks; 29 global markets across 4 continents. More that just power and space, Cyxtra is the engine room for today’s digital business. Cyxtera features data centres in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. In central Canada, Toronto features 2 metro ring connected data centre campuses located in Mississauga and Markham. Their combined profile offers 185,000 sq ft, 12MW power; 9 unique network service provider connections and 150+ customers. In eastern Canada, the Montreal Data Centre offers 8,400 sq ft and 1.6 MW power. Vancouver offers 12,500 sq ft, 12 MW power and 7 unique network service providers

Established in 2004, Digital Reality Trust has foundations in digital trust. Digital Reality’s portfolio is located in 32+ markets in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Digital Reality’s vision is to build a network of connected campuses and internet gateways that become the hear of the internet and cloud. Digital Realty operates 280 Data Centre in 22 countries across 6 continents. Industries served include financial services, cloud, information technology services, manufacturing, energy, healthcare and consumer products. Digital Reality offers Canadian customers two locations in Toronto Canada. Vaughan in Toronto’s northeast, is a 711,000 sq ft facility supporting 27,600 kW power base. solution. The Markham facility in Toronto’s northeast is a 104,000 sq ft facility supporting 10,000 kW of power support.

Sungard Availability Services logo. (PRNewsFoto/Sungard Availability Services)

Sungard Availabilty Services provides an always-on, low latency, highly available, cloud connected infrastructure. A provider of IT production and recovery services with offices in 9 countries. In Canada, Sungard operates at two locations, Mississauga and Markham, each supporting both data centre and workplace recovery environments. Montreal also maintains a workplace recovery facility.

INAP offers both Dedicated Network Access (DIA) and Cloud services. INAP operates 4 metro Montreal connected data centre campuses in the Verdun, Lasalle, Saint-Leonard and Kirkland neighbourhoods. These data centres service the Technology, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Tourism and Transportation industries. Also offered are onsite 7x24x365 security and support services.

Lumen is the newly branded Centurylink as of September 2020. Lumen is a Fortune 143 company, the 2nd largest U.S. Communications Provider managing 450,000 global route miles of fibre. In Canada, Lumen operates data centres in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.